About Us.

The time is now.

Africa is the next frontier for the global economy. The time is now. Waiting any longer is procrastination

Africa is in the process of finding itself, its core values and worth. This can be seen in the rise of our music and film in the world. These trends are perfect grounds to launch bigger, louder and bolder conversations around Africa, its education, resources, products and markets creation.


Lobbying for qualitative access to education, including fast-tracking and establishing more institutions of higher learning


Encourage business to business collaborations and partnerships alongside demand and supply

Uniting Africa.

The actions towards uniting Africa along common causes was launched by Wakake’s bicycle ride through 5 African countries. The need to expand the conversation was born out of this 105 days ride.

Expansion of the advocacy conversation from five countries in 2021 to 23 countries in 2022; embarking on a continual Continental dialogue on the outlook of the education crisis.

Implementation of findings and laying down the infrastructural foundations for the sustainability of the tasks and solutions. We areĀ  participating in the continental dialogue which informs African representation on global platforms like the
UN International Education Day which is observed on the 24th of January every year.

Raising awareness through Ride In Africa project.

The cycling campaigns are intended to bring about awareness as well as raise funds towards
advocacy for education, trade, immigration and unity in Africa.

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