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The Consortium

The Consortium! Yes, exactly that. What a way to start a story.

Kenyans are blessed in many ways and are industrious lot. We never miss an opportunity to flaunt our abilities. I mean, just look at our politicians to start with. Our politicians are ever in the campaign mode and less in service, yet they will find every reason and opportunity to brag about their achievements.

Yet, we seem to be the only country that produces socialites whose achievements and qualifications are measured by their bum sizes and beefing abilities.

Don’t forget to look at our bloggers. We have the good, the not so good and the downright nasty. Yes, Kenya is a blessed country indeed and everyone has something to offer.

Kenya is also almost the only country where acquire accents after venturing out to the lands of gold and honey, of course with the exceptions of countries like India and the Arab world. Visits to these last two always make us understand the values of who we are and where we are from.

Enough with our blessings and back to the “Consortium”. Well, in our entrepreneurial escapades, we always wait for someone to come up with a profitable venture before the rest of the country follows suit.

Another example is “Blankets & Wine”, a good event that made Kenyans realize that you can actually make money by baking people under the sun and giving good music from local talent. Soon everyone was an event expert trying to bake, fry, simmer, and do many other things to provide the urbanite with entertainment. The trend has grown with a lot of positives. One of these is the rise of platforms that have seen an increase of local talent hitherto unknown.

Yes! The consortium. Okay finally, let us talk about “the consortium”. A consortium is an association of individuals or entities. The purpose of motivation is as varied as your guess is as mine.

Anyway, our consortium is a team that has seen the need to show Kenyans that there are other ways to enjoy our hard-earned money and free time by engaging in things like holidays and travel, which by the way can be very very beneficial to our health, bodies, soul and general well being. Another way to spend our free time is to explore culture in its diversity. There are endless things to enjoy and learn from within our diversity.

These examples according to “the consortium” used to be the preserve of “wazungus” who would visit our country to enjoy our wildlife and the serenity of our beautiful shores and beaches. That was before they discovered our beautiful women. Now they don’t visit our beautiful country for its abundant sunshine and natural beauty, but to take our very beautiful women from our very deserving men.

“The consortium” saw an avenue in the gap occasioned by the depleting number of “jungus” to share a thing or two with Kenyans about winning back our women and enjoying our local attractions.

One of these is taking over and showing the jungus that we are better at travel especially in our own country, at the same time spoiling and treating our women better than they do.

Another way is to show the Kenyan beauties that we also have deep pockets, and that whatever the jungu can do, a Kenyan jamaa can do better, for example drinking and partying.

Another even better way is to make sure a Kenyan jamaa has grown a small pot that he can scratch convincingly while showing off half the beach that he apparently owns to his beautiful but seemingly uninterested woman.

“The Consortium” has these and many other hat tricks to be unleashed on Kenyans at the appropriate time. All you need to do as a Kenyan jamaa is to stay close to the consortium.

Rumour has it that the consortium will be unleashing a series of plots and plans to put the Kenyan urbanite back on top of the game.

Yes, we are keeping our ears to the ground and shall be keeping you abreast about the consortium, just as soon as the rumor mills make the information available.

That is what we know about the consortium, for now…

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