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Why I love cycling


The adrenaline rush, mental and physical stamina, resilience, focus, endurance, energy, freedom, frame and state of mind, and excitement. It is all of that and a lot more.

When I compare cycling to other forms of travel, e.g my first and following flights there after, connecting continents and countries, road drives across states and cities, water crossings and all that, none comes close to offering the feeling cycling brings upon myself.

I have no fear of heights, confined spaces, water bodies, or any of those phobias we humans are known to have except for one, freedom. That I can start and stop wherever and whenever I want, and the fact that my progress and movements are entirely and totally dependent on my abilities, like moving myself from one point to another while also carrying my own luggage on my person.

That sense of freedom pushes whatever fears I may harbour out of my system to a point where I know I can almost always get out of any situation in one piece, dangerous or not. That, my friends is exactly what pushes me to cycling.

That drive combined with the curiosity to explore makes me push myself beyond my own limits and boundaries.

It is these factors combined that have made me decide to do a series of adventure travels traversing our country with my eyes set on the North Eastern parts.

The fun part is that it doesn’t require visas, and that I am heading to new territories that I haven’t been to before. Now that’s exciting.

I want to explore cuisine, music and the general lifestyle of the people and places I will be visiting within the shortest time possible. I believe my bike still has some juice left in it despite having been around for almost two decades. I wanna see just what we can achieve together, I mean myself and my bike

On this note I am inviting those who feel like we got some things in common to dust off their bikes and gear and join me on the two or so months extreme adventure that I am about to embark on so that together we can tell our own stories and share our own experiences. For those who have been saying they want to join in cycling experiences, in lies the opportunities. I will fly solo or I will fly with you.

Dates and time lines.
S. Africa – Morocco | June 16th – December 18th

Since I starting this adventures, there has been calls to form a cycling club. Well, I thought about it for a while and decided it is the best thing to do. We got Ride in Africa #CycleClub for adventure, training, leisure rides etc. We got this. We can and will make our continent great.

To make it worthwhile for everyone, please spare a minute to sign this petition. We believe that Africas wealth is in quality education.

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